Add some hops to your home or office space with these hand drawn designs featuring 11 of our beloved hops. (We have more coming!)


They are printed on Knight White vellum textured paper (280 GSM) and are available in two different sizes. Descriptions of each are below. Frames not included.



A hop variety born out of Washington State, USA. Amarillo is a dual purpose hop known for its aroma and bittering characteristics. Amarillo is particularly high in Myrcene oil levels which produces distinctive characters of citrus and grapefruit. It’s a hop which you’ll find in quite a number of different beer styles.



A hop variety born out of Oregon, USA and probably the most popular hop amongst brewers worldwide. Cascade is primarily used for flavour and aroma, however can also be used for bittering purposes. Its characters include floral, spice, citrus and grapefruit and you’ll most likely find Cascade in your classic American Pale Ale.



Another hop variety born out of Washington State, USA. Centennial is a dual purpose hop which is used for aroma and bittering. Centennial is sometimes known as ‘Super Cascade’ because it’s similar in flavour to Cascade but much higher in bitterness. Its characters include citrus and floral and you’ll most likely find Centennial in in your American Pale Ales and India Pale Ales.



Another hop variety born out of Washington State, USA. Chinook is a dual purpose hop which is primarily used for aroma but can also be used to add bittering qualities to your brew. The standout aroma for Chinook is pine, which is very strong, however it also has spice and herb characters. Chinook is most popular in your American Pale Ale but given its versatility it can be used in a number of beer styles.



Another hop variety born out of Washington State, USA. Citra is relatively new is comparison to a lot of other hop varieties. It’s a dual purpose hop which is used for both flavour and aroma. It gives your brew those strong citrus and tropical fruit aromas. You might find Citra in your India Pale Ale or in the big boy - the Double India Pale Ale.



Originally, this hop was discovered in England by Richard Fuggle (surprise, surprise) way back in the 1800’s. Today Fuggle is also grown in the USA, primarily out of Oregon. The US variety has somewhat stronger characteristics than the English style. Fuggle is an aroma hop with herb and cedar characters. You’re likely to find Fuggle in darker style beers, such as Porter and Stout. 



Originating in Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic), Saaz dates back hundreds of years, which means it has naturally established itself as a staple. Saaz is one of the four original Noble hops which were used to make European beers way back when. These days the USA, New Zealand and Belgium grow a variety of Saaz, which is higher in alpha acid compared to the original. This means it can be used for not only aroma purposes but also to add a subtle bitterness to your brew. The traditional variety is used primarily for aroma with herb, spice and earthy characters. You’ll find Saaz in your European Lagers and Bohemian Pilseners. 



Introduced in 2000 by Yakima Chief Ranches in Washington State, USA. It’s a hop which has been very much kept under wraps by its owners about how it was bred, however it is frequently compared to Cascade. Simcoe is a dual purpose hop and used for bittering and aroma. With a high bittering potential, it also provides some unique aromas to your brew which include passionfruit, pine and earthy characters. Given its duality in qualities you’ll most likely find Simcoe in an Indian Pale Ale, but its capacity lends itself to most American style ales across the board. 



Another hop variety born out of Oregon, USA and aptly named after the Willamette River which runs through North Western Oregon, a prominent hop growing region in the USA. It’s one of the most popular hop varieties when it comes to aroma, and one of the most prolific grown varieties in the USA. It is used to provide floral, herbal and spice aromas to your brew. You’ll most likely find Willamette in American and English style ales.



This all Australian hop was released in 2009 and remains one of the most sought after varieties to date in Australia and overseas. Usually found in your Pale Ales and India Pale Ales, Galaxy is Australia’s most internationally recognised hop. It is dual purpose - excellent for bittering (given its high alpha acid content) and also produces amazing aromas including passion fruit, peach and citrus. It’s often added late in the brewing process to showcase its intense and striking characters. 

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